For a fraction of the price of property in Singapore, you can become the king of your own castle in Vietnam, says realtor Aidan Wee, managing director of Somot Realty, who is keen to share his knowledge with potential investors, especially now that foreigners are eligible to buy in

What one pays for a typical three-bedroom condo unit in Singapore — S$1.2 million — could well fetch a luxury penthouse in a prime location in Ho Chi Minh City! Having lived and worked in the real estate sector in Ho Chi Minh City for many years, Aidan Wee knows the market inside out. “I was lucky enough to experience the ups and downs of a full real estate cycle firsthand. Being passionate about both country living and property work within Vietnam, I would like to share my knowledge with interested investors. I believe that with my passion and experience, potential property investors interested in Vietnam would find it both lucrative and safe.”

Why buy residential property in Vietnam?
Vietnam’s residential property market in 2015 experienced a spectacular recovery and upward growth driven by real demand after 2008-2014’s ice age. Market experts are predicting another boom for real estate. “We are on the gradual upward climb of a property cycle reset,” says one. With a stable political environment, a young plus growing workforce, literacy rate of 94.5% and the fastest emerging middle class in South-East Asia, Vietnam’s steadfast Gross Domestic Product growth is predicted to overtake most Asian economies with increased levels of Foreign Direct Investments due to its ability to compete aggressively in the region. As a rapidly emerging market, there is still room for continuous growth. Improvements in social infrastructure, development of new industries and maturing of economic systems all contribute directly to the progress of the residential property industry, making it more investment worthy.

Get a trustworthy realtor
Somot Realty is a niche realty agency representing foreign institutions and individuals in the investment and lease of Vietnam residential property. They introduce high quality real estate products to foreign investors and ensure good
returns on investment for property invested through them. They offer well planned, detailed tours in Ho Chi Minh City for groups and individuals which include locality orientations, site visits of featured development projects, and inspection of selected properties. It’s not all work and no play as they also arrange for leisure activities. Please contact them to discuss your requirements and the various tour options available.

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